Why You Should Take HESI-ELI Practice Test For Nursing School

Hi, folks, wanted to quickly update everyone on our experience taking the HESI Entrance exam at West Coast University in Anaheim, CA area. After graduation from West Coast University, future nurses will have met these Program Learning Outcomes: BSN Entrance Examination Results and a minimum aggregate score of 192 or a composite score between those scores on the EKG Examination or an equivalent score on the TOEFL Examination. In other words, graduates from this program have met certain minimums to be eligible for licensing as a nurse. However, we’ve also had many graduates who went on to teach and they’ve all had different experiences taking their respective exams. I’ve included below some of the feedback from some of them:

– A couple friends took the A2 Practice Test which is required for nursing schools before they could take the actual exam. Although, it wasn’t surprising because they both have been in nursing for over 10 years now and neither passed the previous A2 Practice Test. It certainly made me think about getting the test done sooner rather than later. However, since they both passed it quickly, that’s not something that I recommend.

– Another friend, she did the A2 Practice Test and got really impressed with how easy it was and how fast she was able to complete them. The best thing was that she was able to do them in her free time without any pressure. She feels that it is important to practice the examinations at least a few times each so you can be familiar with them before taking them under real situations. She also got really good feedback from her instructor and got great grades on her first attempt. It gave her the confidence to go out there and take the actual test the next day.

– Another friend did the A2 Practice Test and she did really well. She felt really confident before taking the actual examination and felt prepared. Although, she realized that the exam format isn’t that easy and that you shouldn’t expect it to be. Nevertheless, she did really well and got great grades on her first try.

– One of my friends, she failed her entrance exam but went back to take the same one the following year. Although, she wasn’t disappointed because she felt that she got a really good grip on the subject matter. Then, this summer she went back to take the exam for a PhD in Nursing and felt that she made huge progress. Not only that, but the school was new and the material was easier. This made it much easier for her to grasp the concepts and feel comfortable with the questions.

– One of my friends took the MCATs and she was delighted with her results. Her tutor was really helpful with her on the application process. The tutor even helped her increase her speed on her MBE and prepared her well for the essay section. As a result, her results came out flying. She is now preparing for her master’s degree. She will be one step closer to her goal!

– I am also quite convinced about the importance of taking a HESI entrance exam. In fact, my daughter even tried it and got great results. I think without doing such an exam, students can easily underestimate how much preparation is required for the exam. In fact, I was really impressed by how prepared she was for the exam.

So there you have it. A HESI entrance exam practice test is certainly the best way to prepare for such an important exam. If you do take such an exam, you can be sure that your work will be reviewed by experts and you can get ready for the exam immediately. So start studying now before you are scheduled to take the exam on April 3rd.