The HESI Admission Assessment and HESI Admission Test Review Book

I’ve had the great experience of working with a HESI admission assessment test review book. It was written by a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) with over thirteen years experience in nursing assistant care. I felt that this was a good book and would help many people prepare to take the test. Let me explain what I liked about it.

First, I felt that the format of the book was very easy to understand. There were not many difficult or confusing terms used that made it more difficult to grasp the concept of the test. Instead, it laid out the basic concepts in an easy to understand way that any person could review and learn from. It did not try to impress you with it’s content or style, rather it provided information that was sound and true and helped you get ready for your test.

Second, I think that the book left a lot of room for personal growth. You are allowed and encouraged to ask questions as needed throughout the book. This way, you can review sections that concern you and make notes on them. I also found that the book had sections on practicing for the test and taking notes. These were practical tips that really helped me to review and learn quickly while I was preparing for my examination.

Third, I also liked that the book covered different areas. There were chapters on anatomy, physiology, administration and management of nursing care, laboratory services, patient care, research methodology, and administrative skills. I think you should be able to get quite a bit of information from a quick review of the book. Of course, you need to practice what you learn and take the necessary actions in order to succeed.

Fourth, I liked that the book gave very specific examples of how to prepare for a diagnostic test or an examination. You are not expected to have any prior experience in taking these tests. They give very specific sample tests, so you can see what to expect if you take them. There are also several practice tests included in the package that you should review and take. If the test center doesn’t have enough testing practice papers, it is wise to take a few from the package.

Fifth, the book provides a good overview of work history and education for nursing. One of my goals is to improve my work history by emphasizing learning about my favorable work history in each area. The author rightly points out that I need to be able to show my work history as a positive result, as opposed to a negative one. Therefore, I think this would be a useful addition for many people, as long as they are willing to put in the effort.

Overall, I really enjoyed the HESI Admission Assessment Exam Review book. I think most students will benefit from it. It is a very simple to read and understand book. It makes effective use of the key strategies the authors describe. I believe all nursing students should have at least one copy in their library. My suggestion is that you get a second one and start studying immediately!

Highly recommended for all nursing students preparing for HESI admission assessment exams. Very useful for nurses who plan to apply for an Associate’s degree in Nursing (ALN). Highly recommended for individuals preparing for state licensing examinations. Highly recommend for individuals preparing for national certification examinations.

This book contains numerous practice questions on everything you need to know about taking the actual test. The HESI admission test review contains five practice tests that cover all areas of the exam. Practice tests help students tremendously in getting prepared before taking the actual test. Students will find this guide very helpful when studying for the test. In my opinion, this HESI admission guide should be required reading for any student who plans to take the test.

The authors of this HESI Admission Assessment Exam Review book provide excellent information and resources for preparing for the exam. The four books in the set are well organized with easy-to-read chapters and comprehensive test-specific scenarios. The test-specific scenarios provide practice questions based on the exam format. Students can also purchase additional study guides to add to the content in the HESI Admission Assessment. Review books are an excellent way for students to improve their chances of passing the exam.

There are many positive aspects to this HESI Admission Assessment and I believe every student who takes the test should purchase the HESI Admission Assessment and the HESI Admission Test Review Book. These valuable resources should be required reading for all students who plan to take the test. Additionally, students and potential candidates should be encouraged to take practice tests to get a feel for the test-taking process. Taking practice tests is a great way for students to prepare for any type of examination.