Taking the Arizona College HESI Exam

If you are planning to take the Arizona College HESI Examination and you are a registered nurse, you have just taken the first step on your way to a successful career. This examination is conducted by the Arizona College of Nursing and is open to all nurses who have passed the state board exam. The examination consists of three parts including: written communication, practical clinical skills and laboratory tests. The written communication part mainly requires the candidate to write an essay related to one or more specified topics under the given topic. This can be about the subject, a personal experience or a philosophical belief. The topic is selected by the nursing school in accordance with their own criteria.

Once you have completed the written communication part of the examination, you will be required to read a document called a HESI Questionnaire. This questionnaire will ask you to answer pertinent questions about your nursing experience, work performance, academic and professional development, leadership qualities, etc. It also asks you to describe your clinical skills and abilities. After reading the questionnaire, if you are qualified, you will take a practice exam.

Upon taking the practice exam, if you are clear on the answers, you can go back to the classroom to take a practice test known as the actual HESI Exam. If you are not clear on the questions, you will have to take the entire HESI Exam again. The third part of the exam consists of a set of practical clinical examinations that cover both nursing and medical aspects. This part of the exam is typically taken in one or two groups depending on the size of the class.

Since the total amount of time for the HESI Exam is not a lot of time, students will need to study very hard in order to do well in this exam. In addition, taking the exam multiple times might help students focus on each question and be able to answer it in the best way possible. In addition to practicing in the classroom, you can also take the exam on the Internet and through flash cards.

Once you pass the preliminary exam, you will then be required to take the actual HESI exam. In this type of examination, you will have more than a few questions to answer since the area is very large. Students will usually take the exam with a tutor so that they can get tips from their tutor as they practice answering the different questions on the test. Some students choose not to take the examination with a tutor because it takes too much time to study effectively on the exam.

After passing the HESI exam, you will then be sent to a clinic for actual clinical practice. You will also receive a certificate of completion. It is important that you know how to handle clinical documentation, which is why you will also need to take a second clinic course. Some of the topics that you will study include anatomy, physiology and medical terminology. You can also choose to take a communications workshop, but it depends on the clinic in which you are assigned.

While taking the exams, you will need to follow the directions of the professors. For example, if a student wants to take a specific test, he or she needs to understand the requirements in order to take the exam. In addition to studying effectively, students should also take care to read their notes every night. Students can also take a few extra notes each night in order to remember what they have read the night before. If a student finds an answer to a question that he or she is confused with, he or she should write down the question number and the source in order to find the answer.

Since the HESI exam is administered by the state, it may be possible for students to take the exam online. However, since Arizona colleges and universities don’t usually offer this option, students should first check with their state’s licensing board. The licensing board should be able to tell students where they can take the exam and how long they need to wait before taking the exam. When taking the actual exam, students should check their test scores beforehand in order to get adjusted accordingly.