My Experience Preparing for the HESI A2

Have you ever tried to take the HESI A2 Examination for Health Care Administration? If you have, you might have failed miserably because of the theory only. You may have failed because you failed to understand the concepts and terms used in the actual exam and it is because you did not possess adequate knowledge about teas and related subjects.

There are several reasons why you failed the previous exam and you can get your share of explanation from Dr. Zafar Ahmed. He is the Director of Health Education University, Islamabad. I have seen Dr. Ahmed’s lectures on the subject matter of the HESI A2 and he has always been very supportive of students that want to take the exam. He even gave me a lecture on why we as a nation need to increase the HESI Assessment Standard (HESS). He then proceeded to give me information on what the objectives of the 2021 Health Care Management Examination (HCME) are. After he finished explaining all these, I then asked him about the contents of the examination and what needs to be examined on it.

According to Dr. Ahmed, the contents of the exam mainly comprise three areas. The first area is about interaction, which mainly includes interaction topics such as interaction topics between health care professionals and their trainees. The second area is comprehension and analysis topics that are intended to assess how well students have understood the HESI A2 outline. The third area focuses on leadership areas such as supervision and administration. Once I understood all these, I could already start my preparations for the exam.

To prepare myself for the HESI A2, I started by taking the MCITP exam. The exam is based on the MCITP exams, which is a leading test preparation software. This made me familiar with all the material and it also helped me prepare myself for the various kinds of questions that will be asked on the exam. Since most of the questions in the exam revolve around mathematics, I made sure to have the most grasp on different concepts.

Once I was ready, I then proceeded to take the MCITP practice tests that are provided in order to make the examination easier. Again, I went through every section of the test day by day and formulated strategies on how to tackle the different kinds of questions that will come on the test. I also took the time to write a log book so that I can track my progress throughout the whole test. These preparatory activities really paid off when I got to face the examination!

In order to get prepared for the test, I made use of the HESI Secrets Study Guide. This is one of the most helpful resources for test preparation. This guide contains different kinds of flashcards that contain information related to each section of the exam. This makes it really easy to memorize information and review it during the actual exam. The HESI Secrets Study Guide also comes with easy to understand audio files that will help you better understand concepts.

One of the best resources for exam content is the HESI Secrets Study Guide and Flashcard Library. The HESI Secrets Study Guide contains lots of flashcards and study guides that cover different topics such as human anatomy, physics, chemistry and biology. The HESI Flashcard Library contains a huge database of HESI A2 practice test cards and mock tests that you can use for memorizing contents from the exam content. You can also save these flashcards in your computer so that you can access them at a later time.

In addition, to the above mentioned solutions, I also took the time to take part in live chat forums and post my questions there. I also shared my work experience answering actual questions from real nursing students. By doing so, I was able to interact with nursing students in real life and get their honest opinions which helped me tremendously when preparing for the HESI A2.