Is the HESI A2 Exam Fundamentally the same As the NHS Essay Certification Test?

Have you been wondering, can I take the HESI A2 Exam online? The answer is an unequivocal “yes.” If you have not yet taken your examination, you are behind and may be dropping out before the end of your course. You cannot afford to be without a qualification. It is not just about money – you may well be sacrificing your future in order to gain that qualification.

Why take the HESI A2 at all? There are many reasons why a person might want to take the test. Perhaps they have seen a need for further training or maybe they are already qualified but wish to have their qualification enhanced. Perhaps, and most often, the reason is that someone wants to take an examination to ensure they are fit for nursing.

How long should I study? The answer is: as long as you want to. You can spend a lot of time working through questions, trying to memorise answers and so on. You could also choose to leave it until a particular exam is approaching. Of course, you should never let anyone else pressure you into taking your exam – after all, it is your life and you make the decision.

Should I use review materials or friends and family? This really comes down to your study habits. Review materials can help to keep you focused but do not let your personal opinions influence your decision. In fact, it is probably best to rely on friends and family when it comes to your studies.

Can I take the exam in Spain or Ireland? Both are valid choices. Many universities conduct exams in different parts of the world at the same time, so it is not unlikely that you will find some offering the test abroad. If you do take it in Spain or Ireland, you will need to bring your passport. There are no guarantees though!

When is the examination date? Your chosen exam date will be published approximately two weeks prior to your intended study date. If this is not known by then, you should not start. If you do wait too long, it may be difficult to take the final examination at the last minute. El Centro College does not guarantee that you will be able to take the final in time – if you do not pass it, you will have gained entrance to a nursing school in Spain or Ireland instead!

What about the format of the examination? The format is not set and it will depend on your school. El Centro College offers a maximum of three examinations, so it is important to ensure you choose one that you can grasp quickly. You can decide between multiple choice, grammar and punctuation, and laboratory. Your exam is normally held on an evening at the local library, so you should arrive at least an hour before the exam.

Is there a fee for the exam? There is no fee to take the exam. It is held at the local library, so there is no need to pay for parking. However, if you are taking it as a student, fees may be included in your tuition. El Centro College will charge fees for their exams, but they are small.

Will you have access to the results of your test after you have passed? If you are unable to attend a class at any time during the day, you will receive your results by e-mail. If you require a copy of your exam, you can request one from the Exam Centre.

How much will your study material cost? The cost of your course will depend on how much you want to study and how much you can fit it into your busy schedule. There are no prerequisites for entering this exam. However, it is recommended that you have completed at least one year of qualified nursing.

I studied the test over four days. I completed it in about five to eight hours. I used a book and practice tests to ensure I understood all the questions, and then I wrote my practice exam and sat through the whole thing again.