HESI Exam Dates and Expectations

My HESI exam dates are important to know if you‘re serious about taking the nursing licensing exam. Each state assigns an examination date that is used to determine if you’re ready to sit for the licensing exam. Once you’ve decided to take the exam, you must find out about all of your options for getting ready. You will need to know how to prepare for your HESI exam. Most people hire a personal trainer, but there are also many books and websites that can provide hints and tips for preparing.

My HESI Exam Dates are determined by the specific state where you live. Your specific state may list the exam dates for all required courses and when they will be offered. Your HESI score can also be used for applying for admission to the radiological technician and physical therapy assistant classes. Specific dates and time frames, the exam will usually be offered are listed on the chart below. Students may take the exam online or in person, but students may take the exam within two weeks of their first class if they can schedule the test at an acceptable time.

Students will receive a confirmation email from the testing center letting them know the correct date and time for the exam. Students can also get this same email with their official confirmation number from the nursing school. Students can also call the testing center to make sure that they’ll be able to take the exam on the right date.

Students can also get an email with all of the information necessary to plan the HESI exam. This includes the name of the testing center, the name of the testing day, exam date and amount due for taking the test. There is also a list of the test areas that students need to study to prepare for the exam. Students can download this same information to their computer and print out the needed materials.

Students who take the exam in person will have one hour more in-person time than the typical two hours. Students will have three options on the test day. They can take the exam in-person in the morning, have lunch, and take the exam again in the afternoon. They can also request to sit in a chair for the final examination or write the test online. Students should make sure that they have all of their materials before hand and that they understand the testing center’s policies before they submit their completed exam forms.

Students should also research all of the different types of accommodations that are available. If you have special needs, make sure that you are fully aware of what accommodations are available to you and if they will work for you. Some of the accommodations include: waiting in the hall until your turn to take the exam is available; having someone drive you to the testing center so that you don’t have to wait in the drivers’ seat; having your breakfast before the examination and eating while you wait; and being allowed to bring your own food into the exam room. If you are going to be taking the exam in-person at a traditional school, you should see if they offer accommodations like this for those taking the exam for the first time. Some of the schools that offer these types of accommodations are: Edison High School, Highland Junior/ Senior High School, Lamson High School, and Mcmillen High School.

There will also be a final exam to take on Wednesdays, which is not related to your Nursing program. On Wednesdays, you will need to take an extra test. You will need to take this test in the morning before your scheduled exam. This exam is usually given at the high school, so students should be in class on Wednesdays. However, it is not usually a prerequisite for joining your nursing program. If you decide to take this exam, you should not let anyone know that you will not be able to take it on Wednesdays.

You should plan on how much you will have to pay for your test fees before you pay for the deposit or the fee to register. Some schools will require payment in full before they will allow you to register for the exam, while others will allow you to register and then pay the fee in advance. If you are having problems paying for your exam, contact the school to find out if they offer payment plans.