Getting Your HESI A2 Exam Results

As a Exams Manager for HESI the one thing I dread is getting the dreaded Inquirer HESI A2 Exam Results! For those of you who don’t know what an A2 Exam is, it is an examination that is taken prior to passing the NCLEX-RN examination. Well, if it doesn’t sound scary enough for you to take your exam, then I don’t know what will. You see, the HESI exam is one of the hardest in the country and needs a lot of preparation on the part of the student and their review and practice classes.

However, there are many guides out there that promise you the moon but deliver nothing more than a steaming cup of Java! I’ve come to the conclusion that most of these so called best study guides are nothing more than hype, and they just do not live up to their billing. If you are like me, you already know this, as you probably have spent several hundred dollars taking my HESI Exam and passed with flying colors. Now, I am telling you about the best study guides to take your HESI exam.

The flashcards. I don’t even think that this is a study guide. I would much rather say it is a set of flashcards to help memorize exam content. You may want to include flashcards of terms, nursing concepts, and nursing theory so that you can review these topics as you complete the flashcard sets. Personally, I like the idea of using flashcards because there is something you can relate to in each card, and flashcards are easily stored in your flashcard library.

Another feature that many study guides offer is practice questions. These typically cover the entire test section, but they only allow you to try certain areas of the test. These questions may be written or based on real life situations. My recommendation is to buy a couple of different practice questions, but make sure to take them under a time constraint and to go over them extensively before you submit your final examination.

Exam tutorial flashcards. A lot of other study guides offer flashcards as well. While I like flashcards, I am not a fan of practice questions and/or answering real life scenarios. Flashcards are great for memorizing important exam content. However, if you are serious about passing the HESI A2, then I would suggest using flashcards only to review major topics and terms.

Online tutorials. While most nursing programs allow you to take exams online, not all do. If you take your exam online, you need to make sure that the test you take is from an accredited site. Accredited sites are usually the most accurate, but there are some that are very susceptible to fraud.

Practice tests. Most test study guide companies offer practice questions that you can take to improve your score. These should be taken multiple times and answered thoroughly. I recommend that you write down your answers both so that you can remember them and so that you can determine which ones you have correctly answered. Make sure that the test sections are not too difficult, but at the same time, that they do not contain the same information as the real exam.

The best study guides will give you practice tests and tutorials that are specific to taking the HESI A2 exam. You will then be able to focus only on those subjects that you feel confident in mastering. You must remember that this isn’t a one-day exam, and that you will probably spend many hours studying for it. So make sure that you have the right material to study with. There are also study systems that you can buy that contain all of the material for this exam.