Answering the HESI Exam Reddit Questions on the Forums

My first experience with Reddit was when I was preparing for the HESI exam. I was one of the many students that took the exam and attempted to learn everything they could about the process. One thing that I quickly learned, is that the Internet can be an awesome source of information, but it is also filled with a lot of garbage, such as this HESI review from reddituslancer. Luckily, I did not spend much time talking about this lesson, but I wanted to at least give my opinion on the process.

My main complaint about the HESI review is that it was quite basic. I think this is a problem with how these types of reviews are presented online. Instead of condensing everything into a few hundred words, they usually try to give you the “punch line” to every question. As far as my experience goes, I think that it pretty much sums it up. When taking the exam, I did not remember any of the questions, because I completely disregarded them, and I just focused on answering the skills section questions.

This is what I found in the HESI review I did. You will probably find the same things in most review type websites. There is nothing in this type of review that will prepare you for the actual exam. It just gives you an overview of how to prepare for the exam. The skills portion is really the only part of the exam that will make you feel like a real genius. That is why you need to spend at least a couple hours every day studying for this.

While I don’t necessarily recommend Reddit for studying, they do have a section where you can ask questions. In this HESI review, I read that you should use the Reddit forum as a way to get some practice before taking your actual test. I recommend using this time to find out the types of questions that you will be faced with. It will give you some idea as to how much preparation you need, but it won’t help you decide how you will answer the actual exam questions.

My review also gave me a few tips that I plan to take note of. One thing that the HESI review didn’t tell me was that you need to take lots of notes. Notes are going to be your key to success. You might even find that answering lots of questions on the forum will actually get you better grades in the end.

The other tip that I got from my HESI review is to read through your hands-on review before taking the actual exam. If you can answer the kinds of questions that you have seen on the HESI website, then you will be prepared for the real thing. If not, I recommend that you go back and reread through your hand-out. This will allow you to brush up on some skills that you may have forgotten about during your review.

My biggest fear going into the HESI exam was going to be how I was going to write the test. The HESI website includes sample tests so that you can get a feel for how the format works and what kind of questions you will face. This way, you won’t dread answering the exam the minute you walk in the door. My review made it even more important that I have a solid foundation of knowledge on the exam content.

As you complete your review, you may want to spend some time answering the questions on the exam that will really stump you. For example, you might have a hard time getting an answer to the math question if you don’t have at least some background with multiplication tables. On the other hand, answering basic questions should not be that difficult. As long as you get an answer, you’ve done something.